Happy 2018.

2018 ImageHappy new year!

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and had a blast. A new year is just starting and it promises to come with new resolutions as well. Since ever, being healthy, eating more fruits and vegetables and less junk food, and doing more exercises have been outlined. But, the tricky question is: What Am I gonna do to achieve all my goals? What Am I gonna do differently to avoid starting on Monday and finishing on Tuesday? because we expect to make lasting changes right?

For so, here I come with some easy tips to follow and avoid falling in the attempt:

New resolution #1.

Ok, from resolution #1 will come to the rest of the resolutions, that’s why it is so important because in the first thing that we should focus is OUR MIND!. Yes in our mind, in being realistic especially when we set goals, in being compassionate, in living one day at a time, and very important in avoiding to become overwhelmed. Setting realistic goals, seeing the big picture, knowing where I’m going or at least where I wanna go, are definitively the keys to success.

It is very important to keep in mind that nobody turns their lives in just one day and nobody changes their eating habits in just one day either. Even though we actually know what we are supposed to do, everything should be done progressively.  Short term goals! Short term goals!

New resolution #2.

If losing weight is my goal, identify what is driving you away from achieving the goal. Am I eating too much because I associate feeling with food? Do I have many business meetings where yummy food is served and I have to tray all?  Or maybe I am eating too much because my containers are too big so I fill it up to the top? Whatever it might be the cause, identification is the key.

As I said in the beginning, eating MINDfully is something that does not come easy either alone. My best recommendation for you guys for this purpose is writing down all you wanna change so for your BRAIN will be soft to visualize. Ex:

“I have a business meeting this Friday night so, I’m gonna pick only 1 salty and 1 sweet treat to try, but only one, because in the rest of my plate fresh salads and lean protein are going to be allowed”.

” More water instead of artificial juices, sodas, or sweet teas. Ok, I used to drink 3 sodas/day but since now, I’m gonna pick one for the most important meal”.

“I’m very disappointed, I’m gonna take a ride to get some donuts”. Let me tell you something, no food has the power to make the problems disappear, actually, it might get them worse. For that reason, keep your list/feelings/ separated and look for other activity to do instead such as doing exercises so I Keep my brain oxygenated, watching a movie, going out with a friend, or listening music. I have to be honest with you guys, this is a hard work for me yet, but nothing is impossible if you try it.

New resolution #3.

This is a special resolution for all my friends with any food sensitivity. Please! keep a log!. Yes, a log of what you eat and what symptom(s) you see. It is the only way I can help you, at least until we get the lab results. However, I work with both instead; what the patient feels and what the lab says. It is probably that might you see worsening of symptoms like rash, more constipation or diarrhea, sleeping problems, bloating, gas, coughing, or nasal congestion. Well if this is the case, you definitely should take your diet handlers again and drive on the right way, yes again!. Don’t feel bad either overwhelmed, it is very normal to eat what you are not supposed to during this holidays. Come on, holidays are holidays.

Because developing a food sensitivity is not anything, some professional advice might be extremely helpful. Look right away for a Registered Dietitian (Like me!!) to get some guidance and to create a tailored meal plan for you. Remember, a healthy gut is a healthy brain.

New resolution #4.

Exercises!. I’m sorry guys, I know that many of you were expecting me to skip this one but I don’t!. Doing exercises is the best way to keep not only your body but also your brain healthy and released. Look for an activity that you like so you can keep your adrenaline up high as well. You will see how wonderful you are gonna feel and how dependent you will become on that. Don’t miss the train I’m watching you!

Well my lovers, see you very soon!

Again, Happy New Year 2018, might this year fills with love and joy your houses and your lives. Love you!